IRS Enforcement Restarting

IRS Enforcement Restarting – Update from Washington DC We have just learned that the IRS will be gearing up its enforcement to go after taxpayers with Balances Due on their accounts. Their reasons for their delay no longer exist: 1. The IRS backlog of mail is now caught up, and so there’s no concern that sending notices to people whose mailed-in responses/payments had not been opened is past; 2. The CP-14 Notices (Balance Due) that have been paused will go out at the end of May to roughly 8 million taxpayers; 3. The Taxpayers who owed balances before and are due for enforcement action will probably first receive a refresh notice to remind them of the balance due in the hopes that they and/or their representative will contact the IRS and deal with them before levy action is taken; 4. The enforcement notices will be sent out in waves to avoid overwhelming the Collection Phone Lines, The Office of Appeals, and the Taxpayer Advocate. Memorial Day is when IRS is to have restarted.
If taxpayers have missing IRS returns or delinquent tax Balances Due, now would be the time to proactively contact the IRS and work on the issue when they are not under threat of levy.
Tax Pro Tip: It’s better to deal with Campus people than a Revenue Officer. Let’s get in compliance and regain our normal lives.